My Scrapbooking Cat

My Scrapbooking Cat
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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Doodlebug cards

          One of my goals for this year is to actually use my papers and embellishments from my favorite companies. I find that I am a "collector" of beautiful paper and it sits in my storage containers forever. I must spend a fortune on scrapbooking stuff and never seem to find the time to make use of it all. So this is my year to really focus on my hobby and produce as many keepsakes and fantastic projects as I can.

One product that, for me, is a must is Stickles. On this card I added sparkle on the banner, the cake, and the white dots on the Cute Cut from Doodlebug. I also stickled a few of the confetti dots on the brown paper.

                             I used Doodlebug products again to create this cute spring like card. A new product that I am learning to love is the Doodletwine. I can tell that it is one of the next popular trends in cards and scrapbooking- so many companies are coming out with their own colours of twine.

          I kept the same format as the first card posted today, except I used the other birthday line from Doodlebug. Again this card is stickled to add more flare to the cute cut.

            The snow is falling outside today and it is a perfect day to get cozy in my scrapbook room and create, create, create! I am sure Tao ( my scrappin' cat) is waiting for me to get started......

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