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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Baby Fabric Toy

 I made this for my son before he was born. He loves it and it was so easy to make. They sell them in the store but you can easily make one yourself with some leftover ribbons pieces and leftover fabric.
I used flannel dinnosaurs on one side and cotton on the other. Cut two pieces roughly the same size and place design side facing each other. Pin to hold together while sewing.

 Add ribbons to the inside, folding them in half to form a loop, and pin. Make sure they face into the center on the inside of the two pieces of material. This ribbon is just for show- it should be inside!

 Once you have placed ribbons around all sides, sew around your material but leave an opening on one side. You will pull the material through this opening to get the fabric on the right side.

 Once you have turned the material the right way, sew around the edges to close the opening.

 Now you have a ribbon toy that your child will love to pull and chew on! Well, at least my son loves to! Remember to wash it first!

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