My Scrapbooking Cat

My Scrapbooking Cat
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bella Today = Halloween

 I have been working on a Halloween album for some time now and every year I add to it when all the awesome Halloween lines come out. I love Bella's new line this year- soooooo cute!
The embellishments are very cute with the tabs and quotes.

Remember when you made your own Halloween costume using this and that from around home??? Kids don't really do that anymore which is too bad because it was all part of the fun I think. My sister and I are dressed up as a witch and a princess here. We had this ugly rubber nose with a wart on it which I am wearing and I am also wearing a wig! The makeup was the best- we loved putting it on our whole face and then it would stain, even after scrubbing it forever with Noxema!!!

In case you haven't read before on this blog- I am a Halloween nut! I love decorating the yard and I especially love zombies. Maybe Callum will be a baby zombie this year!!! You can guarentee I will be using Bella and Doodlebug to document my son's first Halloween!

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