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My Scrapbooking Cat
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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Halloween Night- Very Spooky!!!

 Here is my graveyard and spooky Halloween decor! I was in such a rush on Wednesday to put it together before the trick-or-treaters came out. I expanded my graveyard this year and we also bought a new ghoul (seen below) which we hung on our chimney. Every year my plan is to add on to our decor so maybe eventually it is like a mini haunted house. The kids certainly enjoyed all the skeletons and the arm that was sticking out of our garage door! Even the little ones seemed curious about it. It was really windy and misty on Halloween night but we still managed to get a great turnout- and not too many older kids either!
I was very excited to do my zombie make-up on Halloween! I am a gore lover- my favorite shows are The Walking Dead and American Horror Story! I have become quite the zombie fan so I was waiting all week to try out my new make-up. I made myself into a zombie scientist. I can't wait to scrap these pictures! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!

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