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My Scrapbooking Cat
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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Halloween Party Ideas

 Happy Halloween!!! I was really busy getting all things Halloween done this past week so there was not much scrapping going on but there was a whole lot of Spooky crafting happening!!! First up is my spooky spider tree centerpiece. I collected dead branches from our tree and spray painted them black. I stuck them in a floral foam block, covered them with cobwebs and added spiders. It turned out to be a really neat table centerpiece.

 I bought these jars from my local dollar store and added some spiders, eyes, and cobwebs. I added labels which I purchased at Micheals. Very easy.

 Here are the foods I made for my party- all kid friendly and easy. Green jello with spiders is a must for kids!

These little pumpkins are made from mandarin oranges and celery sticks.

 My homemade mud pie is chocolate jello covered with cookie crumbs and sprinkled with gummy worms.

 These are banana ghosts with chocolate chips for eyes and mouths.

 I think these might be my favorite- apple teeth and bloody bandaids. The teeth are apple slices with peanut butter and marshmellows. The bandaids were made with graham wafers, cream cheese, and a dab of jam.
 Here are the snacks laid out and the plate in front was a carrot pumpkin with celery for the stem. Kind of healthy snacks too so the kids were not way over sugared!

Here is my little cutie ready to Trick or Treat!!! Hope it was a safe Halloween for all!

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