My Scrapbooking Cat

My Scrapbooking Cat
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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Finally Finished!!!

 So I have been showing little previews of this baby and I am happy to say I am done! Finally!!!
I used Doodlebug Christmas products to embellish this paper mache calender I bought at Hobby Lobby. I like it because the boxes are a bit bigger so I was able to put toys inside.

 I just got my Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine and saw that there is an advent calender using Doodlebug in there as well. I did not copy that one.....just in case anyone out there thinks I stole the idea. But I will say that this paper, specifically the one with all the squares lent itself to making an advent calender quite nicely.

 Just a note about the process.....I painted this with white acrylic paint, then mod podged it with extreme glitter podge, then sprayed it with an acrylic sealer so the podge would not be sticky- hence the reason it took so long!

 And here is a view of a little surprise that my son will find in his boxes each day!

We picked out our tree today and thankfully it was not bitter cold- for once!!!

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