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Monday, 1 December 2014

Oh Deer!

 My apologies for a much delayed post! I swear, December approaches and it is a firestorm of activity.....I have been working like a mad woman on my Christmas projects. Above is a very simple card I made using Fancy Pants' Christmas line.

Below you will find partial instructions to make pillows. I forgot to take the last couple of photos but I will post tomorrow to finish this up!

I am making 16x16 pillows with removable cases. I am kind of terrible for just amking things up so I apologize for not having measurements- I just eyeball my sewing work!!!!
I cut one piece of fabric to fit the pillow and have a seam allowance of about 2 inches.
I then cut two pieces of fabric that overlap each other and fit the one large piece in size.
 This is the half piece. I did a double fold for a seam and pressed it before sewing it. I did this on one side of both half pieces.
Here they are with a sewn seam.

 Next I laid the two half pieces on top of the full piece with the pattern facing inwards. I pinned them together at the edges and sewed around the whole pillow, about a half inch seam.

 Once you have sewn around the whole pillow, flip the fabric right side out. Now Sew about 2 inches inwards all around the pillow again. What you will have is a pillow case with a nice edge. I will show pictures tomorrow of this part!
I am also going crazy trying to make this advent calendar for my son. It is Dec. 1st so I have missed the mark on this project but he really does not know the difference so I think I have time yet! I am using Doodlebug's Santa Express. Stay tuned for the finished glitz!

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