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My Scrapbooking Cat
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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Halloween Pocket Pages

 I have been working on a Halloween album forever! I started with the few childhood photos I have and scrapped them and now I am on to present day. I take pictures every Halloween now so I can finish this album. When I was growing up, obviously there were no digital cameras- just film! So when you took a picture you could not tell if it turned out, you just had to hope for the best. Of all the technology out there, I think I like digital cameras the best! (But truth be told, film is still better quality, I think.) This style of scrapbooking is very popular right now and super easy- that is probably why I made 2 pages during my son's nap! Two years ago I dressed up as a zombie on Halloween night. It was so fun! I did not do it last year since I did not want to scare my son, but maybe this year....

 When making pocket pages, too much bulk is not a good idea but some dimension is ok. Sprinkles and pop dotted stickers were still able to fit into the pockets.

 On the purple spider paper with the photo, I cut out some cheese cloth and draped it over the top to imitate spider webs. This page was done using all Doodlebug from various lines.

This layout is very simple. I had these photos of our house at Halloween, which I did not think would make for an exciting full scrap page. This style of scrapping let me get them into an album without the lengthy process of a full page. The title is simple and the photos are the focus. I used Bella Blvd. for this page.  Are you in the Halloween spirit now?????

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