My Scrapbooking Cat

My Scrapbooking Cat
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

One Fall Day

 So I was feeling fall-ish and I busted out the fall Doodlebug from last year and I created this scrap-lifted layout of my son. The picture was last year and he was only 6 weeks old!!!! Wow, has he changed! I copied this layout from Melinds Spinks' layout on the Doodlebug blog. I used the same colours and layout design with some of my own changes. I used a title and a quote from Doodlebug to encircle my leaf mosiac. I used washi tape at the top and bottom of the page. Some of the leaves are stickers or doodlepops, or they are cut out/ punched out from patterned paper.

For the circle part of this layout, I traced around a Christmas plate very lightly with pencil. I filled in the circle and then erased the lines. I think my circle is bigger than the original layout since I had to add way more leaves to fill it in.

                   I want to say Happy Fall but I am not quite ready to face no more summer!!!

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